Directions from Lafayette



A) Lafayette, LA US
    1. Start out going northeast on US-167/Johnston St toward E Convent St. Continue to follow US-167.  (go 0.64 miles)
    2. Turn left onto US-167 N/SE Evangeline Thwy/US-90 W. Continue to follow US-167 N/SE Evangeline Thwy.
      – US-167 N is just past SW Evangeline Thwy
      – If you reach Plum St you've gone a little too far
  (go 2.18 miles)
    3. Merge onto I-10 E via EXIT 1A toward Baton Rouge.  (go 52.21 miles)
    4. Merge onto I-110 N via EXIT 155B on the left toward Bus. District/Metro Airport.  (go 0.94 miles)
    5. Take the North St exit, EXIT 1D, on the left toward Capital Park Downtown.  (go 0.19 miles)
    6. Turn slight left onto North St.  (go 0.22 miles)
    7. Turn left onto N Sixth St/N 6th St.
      – If you reach N Fifth St you've gone a little too far
  (go 0.07 miles)
    8. Take the 1st left onto Main St.
      – If you reach Laurel St you've gone a little too far
  (go 0.03 miles)
    9. 631 MAIN ST is on the left.
      – If you reach N Seventh St you've gone a little too far
  (go 0 miles)
B) 631 Main St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801-1924 US